We have a lot to be thankful for this year! God has guided The Salvation Army Fran Cohen Youth Center to a beautiful new beginning. We are now blessed to be programming in a one of a kind Youth Center in South Florida. Our summer camp was the only camp in Collier County that had over 100 children that was programmed to be 80 percent indoors. For the weather and heat that is a huge advantage for a happy and safe camper! 

This summer we were able to begin strong by tripling our school age summer camp count from 40 children served in 2016 to over 140 students served in 2017. With this number of children ages 5-14 we needed great staff and wonderful volunteers to help. Our initial CIT(Counselor in Training) program saw over 35 high school and college age students that gave over 4500 hours of time to be role models and teacher assistants. They were in training to become leaders and employees in future years. We hope that next year some of our youth return and add their skills and strengths to our workforce.

After School YEA! Program:The YEA! Program stands for Youth Enrichment Activities.

We aim to deliver the highest quality afterschool program for ages 5-14yrs old that meets the need of the working parents. Our Initial focus with the students is academics. By October we will begin to add the additional activities such as Culinary Arts, the arts and sports.

Currently we have 96 students registered for our Afterschool Program. We anticipate starting with 125 students by the end of Sept and growing to 175 participants by Dec.

We will need your help in the upcoming months to provide the highest quality programs. Together, we can build a great program that impacts our students’ lives.

The Educational Pathways Academy is a private Christian School whose mission is to educate, equip and empower students with a language – based learning difference such as dyslexia.

EPA is totally unique in that the staff engaged in teaching the core subjects: math, science, reading and writing are certified and specialized in understanding and teaching children with language-based learning differences. This welcoming , learning environment provides each child with an atmosphere of understanding and support as well as a clear path to accelerated learning, increased confidence and healthy self-esteem.

In the words of Molly Arthur, Educator and Founder of Educational Pathways Academy: “Educational Pathways Academy’s innovative program can offer hope in understanding dyslexia, remediating weak areas, and transforming students with language-based learning differences into confident, capable learners who are defined by their strengths, not their struggles.”

It is the distinct privilege of The Salvation Army Naples to host the Educational Pathways Academy at their Main Campus on 3180 Estey Ave. The Salvation Army is partnering with EPA to provide classroom and office space as well as use of the Fran Cohen Youth Center . The Educational Pathways Academy serves children from grades 3-8 and are on a similar calendar to Collier County Public Schools.

For more information please refer to their website at: http://www.educationalpathwaysacademy.com/parents.html

Upcoming Programs

Youth Sports

With the Fall upon us we are looking forward to also adding several new programs to the Fran Cohen Youth center. We will be introducing our sports Fundamentals to the youth in the community. We will focus on drill and understanding of sport concepts in soccer, volleyball, basketball and Flag football. All the sports will be co-ed. We will be looking for volunteer coaches to help with the understanding of the sports.

Adult Programming and Homeschooler programs

During the Morning time when the children in school, we would like to continue to program to meet the needs of the community. We will be able to host our Adult and homeschooler learning series in the morning. These classes will range from understanding computer basics, Art 101 painting and drawing classes, Clay 101 and several Group exercise opportunities. We will launch these programs beginning in Oct.


We are now ready to accept Volunteers to the Youth Center. We will need to have our volunteers Background checked and screened that are over the age of 18. Volunteers are vital to the success of our students and we are looking for the following:

Homework Helpers

Painting instructors

Clay/ Ceramic instructors

Garden upkeep

Office Clerical support

Sport Coaches in Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball